Jimmy and the Sleepers are a gritty, genuine house rockin’ blues band based in Edmonton, Canada. For years Edmonton has had a modest, but reverent blues scene which has fostered a blues sound a little more traditional. Perhaps it's those long, cold, Canadian Prairie winters whose bone chilling winds blow like that off Lake Michigan and chilled Chicago in the early days of electric blues. Whatever it is, the blues is alive in Edmonton and Jimmy and the Sleepers are disciples of the sound and dedicated to it's roots. After smouldering like an underground fire for close to 15 years they are more ready than ever to burn out of the frozen Alberta north and showcase their Edmonton-styled blues to the world.
          Jimmy and the Sleepers

©2012 Jimmy Guiboche, Alberta, Canada

2013 WCMA-Blues Album of the Year nominee

2013 CBMA guitar player of the year nominee

2013 Semi-finalist International Blues Challenge’s Best Self-produced CD

2012 Winner of Edmonton Blues Society’s Best Self-produced CD

2012 International Blues Challenge quarter-finalists, Memphis, Tenn.

2011 Memphis-bound competition winners, Edmonton Blues Society